Custom/ Bulk Print FAQ



Most frequent questions and answers

You will have to email us the design file in a specific file format for every order at [email protected].

You can upload or attach your design in JPEG and PNG format. To get the best results save the design in a PNG format with a transparent background. Quality may degrade in other design formats which might not give satisfactory outcome/product. 

A minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) is must for delivering the best print. It would be recommended to keep the file size of 15 MB or less. 

Not exactly. You can directly upload your designs on our Email ([email protected]). If you need more control over your designs, Photoshop is recommended. 

Recommended size for T-shirts is 8*10 (Width*Height). Following this, with increase in size the prices may vary. 
It would be strongly advised to kindly specify the size and color of your product in the mail with design in bold format. 

Protection of your designs is our responsibility and we assure this on our server. Our printing process is highly automated with the least manual intervention. Our process does not involve transferring of design files over emails since all our products are printed in-house with utmost credibility. 

Once you have submitted your design, we’ll send you all the details for your order as soon as possible after we receive it. 

our curiosity about the cost of your product and price difference among various designs is obvious. Therefore, we are always here to provide a quick and accurate price quotation with no obligation of buying. 
Your all-inclusive cartoonpanti price is primarily determined by three factors: 
  1. The product you select. 2. The Size of your print 3. Total quantity of items in your order. 
  • Other factors such as personalization (adding personalized names and/or numbers to your items) or special requests would also affect the cost. 
  • Savings tip: The easiest way to reduce the cost per item is to increase the quantity of your order. Consider ordering a few extras to maximize your savings. 
"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live."
Gianni Versace


Order anything and we will ship it at your doorstep with our shipping partners.We provide a holistic experience so you can sit back and relax. Stay on top of all tracking information.

How Your Order Proceed


We print and pack your custom & bulk orders within 2 – 3 business days


Our shipping partners take 2-7 days to deliver the order based on your location


The total turnaround time for your orders would range from 4 to 10 days 

Cartoonpanti does support international deliveries of products at a nominal charge. For more information please get in touch with us.

We would be pleased to equip you with- 
  • Round neck cotton t-shirts (Men’s & Women’s)
  • Crop tops 
  • Hoodies 
  • Notebooks 
  • Back covers 
You can also check our entire catalogue here ( 

You can place any number of orders from a single piece to masses. We will be more than happy to serve you as per your requirement. 

We offer 100% cotton wearable with single jersey to make it wrinkle-free and smooth. Perk of our cloth material is it won’t let you feel hot and is durable. To add more, it is available in all the funky and crazy going colors you would love. 

We would love to customize your t-shirts in any way you want. We can print designs, names and text on front, back or sleeves. We are also up for over printing. However, the cost may vary according to your demand of the print.

ready to wear your own desings?

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