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14 Knots For Oversized / Baggy T-Shirt's

Did you know that baggy shirts don’t have to be frumpy? If you happen to like what they say, or the color or the pattern, you don’t have to get rid of them—they can be redeemed with some easy definition tricks!
In this Blog our blogger _.khushitomar._ Will show you how to wear & Knot your oversized/ Baggy T-shirts In stylish way with 14 EASY TRICKS and WITHOUT SEWING or CUTTING#knotitlikekhushi
Use these tricks to easily make a more trendy and stylish look on all those free but shapeless shirts or “unisex” graphic tees you have sitting in your drawers.
These are the key difference between feeling like a frumpy versus stylish Dude. 
Here’s how to wear & Knot Oversized/Baggy T-shirts

Tanu Momo

T-shirt & Accessories Hacks

Cool clothing DIYs that can transform your look
Hey girls, in this video, Our Blogger tanu._.momo sharing with you some amazing clothing tricks and sewing tips that will help you transform your look. – Our Blogger will show you how to transform your turtleneck t-shirt into an awesome pair of leggings simply by cutting it and then sewing it back again. For those of you looking to make your t-shirts more interesting to match your style, I show you some creative ways to do so. For example, you can turn an oversized shirt into a two-piece with ah skirt and crop top.
Here’s how to transform your look